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  • 2011 - Arizona Press Club Awards, published November 18, 2010

    "Zach vs. Food"

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  • The Dogs of War

    published May 3, 2012

    Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day. Instead it commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely... More >>

  • Pineapple Impress

    published May 3, 2012

    Beer: Mr. Pineapple Wheat Brewery: SanTan Brewing Co. Style: Fruit wheat beer ABV: 5... More >>

  • Playlist

    published April 26, 2012

    It seems unfair that only kids get to have play dates. Why should they be the only ones who get to party with entertainers like Flash the... More >>

  • Snakes on the Grass

    published April 19, 2012

    We’re currently in what we like to call the Dead Zone of sports. The early season of baseball is worthless. College and pro football... More >>

  • Rule of Threes

    published April 12, 2012

    Just like the people who partake in them, not all triathlons are built alike. There is, of course, the Ironman -- the 140-mile showcase of... More >>

  • Royal Engagement

    published April 5, 2012

    They don’t crown just anyone a King of Comedy -- the throne must be earned through years of making people laugh. From his roles in hit... More >>

  • Night of the Living Red

    published March 29, 2012

    According to legend passed down by the Hash House Harriers, a female newcomer was once invited to a hash in San Diego and, completely unaware... More >>

  • What's in a Name?

    published March 22, 2012

    If you were born after 1985, Sinbad probably had a greater impact on your life than other single-name celebrities. Was Madonna in Jingle All... More >>

  • Feast Days

    published March 8, 2012

    Many factors contribute to the overall impression of a place. From music and artwork to food and drink, a city’s identity is defined by... More >>

  • We'll Meat Again

    published March 1, 2012

    Barbecue and baseball -- that’s what Surprise does! Combine two of our nation’s greatest pastimes at the Surprise Barbecue Festival... More >>

  • Sleeping Cars

    published February 23, 2012

    Ever had that dream in which you’re sitting on your bed and it’s speeding down a racetrack while four people in wacky costumes push... More >>

  • Climber's High

    published February 16, 2012

    When you’re trying to move up in the conference standings, it’s nice to be able to personally knock off the team standing directly... More >>

  • Dress-Up Games

    published February 9, 2012

    Any man will tell you: It’s all in the thrill of the chase. That’s why we like the idea of the Skirt Chaser, a 5K run... More >>

  • Trick My Truck

    published February 2, 2012

    Mom may have told you never to skate indoors, but the guys at MuggShots Bar don’t share her sensible sentiment. Although that’s not... More >>

  • Running Back

    published January 26, 2012

    Brag about your new-age running gear all you want, but it’ll never compare to the effectiveness -- or stylishness -- of some... More >>

  • Need for Speed

    published January 19, 2012

    There’s a section of every car’s speedometer that, sadly, rarely if ever gets touched by the needle. It’s that area on the... More >>

  • Army of Fun

    published January 12, 2012

    Think you’re tough? Tough enough to run 12.5 miles in three hours? Tough enough to run 12.5 miles in three hours while overcoming almost... More >>

  • Roll Call

    published January 12, 2012

    Remember when you were a kid and the ice cream truck came rolling through the neighborhood? Drawn in by the truck’s tinkling siren song,... More >>

  • Basketball Jonesin'

    published January 5, 2012

    The outlook for the Suns this season isn’t great among sports analysts. Most see our team finishing near the bottom of the Western... More >>

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