Best Food in a Bar (2000)

Long Wong's

For a beer joint chiefly associated with its day drinkers, live rock and chicken wings, Long Wong's on Mill offers a surprisingly extensive menu of bar fare. For vegetarian hell-raisers, there's a heady carte du jour of veggie clubs, subs, pitas and Garden Burgers that ring in at fewer than six bucks a pop and come with a heap of fries or onion rings. Carnivores, meanwhile, can opt for fetchingly titled burgers like the Chi Chi (jalapeos and Cheddar) and the San Fran (on sourdough with Velveeta and red onions); hot dogs; and sandwiches, like the Shroom and Swiss, a chicken concoction.

And for those who like to temper their libations with hangover deterrents? Basketfuls of seasoned curly fries and fried zucchini go down quite nicely, as do, of course, Long Wong's culinary signature, hellaciously hot chicken wings.

Readers' Choice: Four Peaks Brewing Company


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