Best Alternative To Alternative Radio (2001)

KNIX-FM 102.5 and KISS-FM 104.7 playing simultaneously

According to a report in Rolling Stone (the one with 'N SYNC on the cover), the current generation has no use for radio. Of course not, after five bleeping years listening to bleeping baseball-cap-wearing mooks making the middle finger innocuous and turning modern rock into a format with no future.

Want a real alternative? Try to get your radio to hold the frequency between country station KNIX-FM and dance powerhouse KISS-FM at the same time and, voila! Alternative Alternative Radio. Here are two formats that really need each other. Country music used to be about adultery, drinking and outlaws; now every song sounds like it was written by a couple and their marriage counselor. Meanwhile, Top 40 dance music has the attitude and the rhythm but no songs with a narrative. Put the two together and suddenly Alan Jackson sounds like he's got a pulse cuz Jessica Simpson's mistaking him for a DJ. If you ever thought Lil' Kim needed fiddles or imagined a catfight between Madonna and the Dixie Chicks, this is your ticket.


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