Best Classical Radio Station (2001)

KBAQ-FM 89.5

In accordance with NAFTA, KBAQ is prevented from broadcasting at too great a power lest its signal spill south into Mexico. Damned federal government, always keeping the little guy down.

In eight years, KBAQ has established itself as not only a topnotch classical station but also a formidable community resource for the lively arts. Enjoying a close working relationship with the Phoenix Symphony, and carrying a balanced diet of local and national acts (like the talk-performance show From the Top at 7 p.m. Sundays), KBAQ provides Valley listeners with the best contemporary performances of classical and chamber music. And this year the station took on a herculean challenge, mounting the "KBAQ 2001 Fall European Tour," a package tour of Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin, with opera performances and gourmet meals included in the ticket price.

Despite the fact that Prague is so 1992, we applaud KBAQ's gumption.


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