Best Place To Buy CDs (2001)


How is it that the premier CD store in the Valley -- arguably one of the top in the entire nation -- can still be one of Phoenix's best kept secrets? For those lucky enough to have discovered the unique charms of CDGB's, it's been hard to keep a lid on the treasures contained inside, but it's time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Launched in 1994, this fantastic north Phoenix outpost claims the best selection of tunes in town. And while mom-and-pop stores are become increasingly scarce, the independently owned CDGB's has, in fact, expanded its operations over the past year, opening a second shop next to its main outlet. CDGB's Jr. specializes in niche styles like metal and punk, while the old store remains a collector's haven, thanks to an impressive selection of European "specialty" imports -- including tons of Beatles, Stones and Dylan releases -- plus hard-to-find platters from the likes of Tom Waits and Wilco, all priced quite reasonably.

Multiple sections, broken down into various subcategories (like rockabilly, guitar gods and classic rock), make browsing so fun, fast and easy you're bound to spend hours perusing the endless stream of Japanese Genesis long-players or the latest Guided by Voices-related releases. And with the stores' walls lined with a mass of boxed sets -- artists run the gamut from America to the Zombies -- you'll have no trouble finding the multi-disc gift you've been wanting to give to that special music fan.

For those with discerning tastes, it's time to give CDGB's a spin.


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