Best Rock Radio Station (2001)

KOOL-FM 94.5

These days, recognizing a radio band as the best rock station is a fairly backhanded compliment. With unsettling styles like teen pop, rap-rock and nu metal dominating playlists, it's a wonder most folks haven't completely abandoned the FM dial for AM talk formats or the safety of CD players and tape decks. Without anything even approaching a progressive station here in the Valley, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that we would bestow this honor on KOOL-FM, a station playing nothing but golden oldies. Tuning to 94.5, you're likely to find a song with a melody, and the closest thing you'll get to a boy band is the Box Tops. Instead of being forced to endure inane teen divas like Britney and Christina, KOOL at least boasts classic inane teen divas like Lesley Gore and Shelley Fabares. How does that grab you, darlin'?


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