Best Place To Spend Saturday Night In Your Car (2001)

Scottsdale Six Drive-In

Want to watch a movie on a big screen, but you'd be pelted with popcorn if you took your squirming toddler? Hankering for a little hanky-panky to enhance the cinematic experience, but stadium seating and decorum just won't allow it? At this 25-year-old Scottsdale drive-in, you can watch the movie -- and do whatever -- without leaving your car. And if the movie's no good, the people-watching will be -- entire families set up makeshift living rooms in flatbed trucks, complete with lawn furniture, blankets and beer. The double feature is always a bargain at $5.50 per person, and kids under 11 are free. If they get restless, send 'em to the on-site video arcade. Skip the standard concession fare and pack your own picnic to enjoy this uniquely American experience. But you'd better hurry. The Scottsdale Six is one of only two Valley drive-ins left. (The other is the Glendale Nine.)


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