Best Hike For Your Canine Pal (2001)

Canal bank between 36th Street and 24th Street, begin walking at 36th Street just south of Stanford Drive, Paradise Valley

Finding your canine a refuge from the maze of cars and hot sidewalks grows tougher with each new acre of concrete poured in the Valley. But one small section of canal bordering Paradise Valley and Phoenix is guaranteed to please your pooch -- and, more important, you -- and you'll only have to cross one major street -- 32nd Street -- to walk it. On the western end of this hike, views of the Biltmore and duck families gathering on the water will convince even the most hardened critic that Phoenix is still a stunning area. At sunset, the canal reflects a silhouetted skyline that begs to be compared to the Italian countryside, and on a fully moonlit night, the banks of the canal reflect the iridescence of its lunar light source. Caveat: While the city has thoughtfully provided educational markers denoting each native plant on this trail, it skipped the trash cans and doggy pickup bags. So bring your own scooper and doggy bag.


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