Best Yerberia (2002)

Yerberia San Francisco

Long before it became popular to take homeopathic remedies, Mexicans have used herbs as a natural, ceremonial alternative to traditional medicine. The problem is finding the yerberia that supplies just what you're looking for. But for an inexpensive cure to your every ailment, Yerberia San Francisco is a one-stop homeopathic shop. Stomach hurt? Some yerba buena (or "good herb," otherwise known as peppermint tea) will soothe that pain. Baby crying and won't let you sleep? Try some manzanilla tea with honey. Ear ringing? How about some ruda herb wrapped in a paper tissue and placed in your ear for 24 hours? You'll also find jars and jars of other herbs, along with dried snakes, and religious and ceremonial items that are used in traditional healing. There are eight locations throughout the Valley.


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