Sorelli's From the Vine

Okay, so we don't actually get to stomp the grapes here, but this is the closest experience we can imagine (and frankly, we're not averse to lying to our friends by saying we did). Because at Sorelli's, we can make our own wine, complete with our own label. It's true! This mini-winery provides kits with all the ingredients we need to fashion our favorite beverage -- juices, concentrates, and the helpful knowledge to guide us through the complexities of perfectly balanced pH, acid and tannin levels, and recommended aging. More than 100 different recipes are available in reds and whites, from dry to sweet. Each kit yields 28 to 30 bottles, and Sorelli's lets us create a custom label for our batch (a terrific wedding memento, we think). The staff even helps us select the perfect wine for our purposes -- perhaps a lively Chilean Chardonnay, a bright berry Spanish rioja, or a charming ice wine for dessert. Now that's something worth toasting!


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