Blunt Club Thursdays, Boston's inside PI (Priceless Inn)

As even the most non-hatin' hip-hop head will admit, the only people supporting live hip-hop in town are the rappers who take their own turns on the stage. That said, Blunt Club Thursdays at the Priceless Inn in Tempe host more local rappers -- not to mention DJs, break-dancers and graffiti artists -- than anyplace else in town. Hosted by the affable Emerge McVay of Bionic Jive (our cover boy), the Blunt Club recently celebrated its second anniversary of showcasing all the four elements of hip-hop culture in one divey strip mall bar. True, the events rarely draw an audience beyond its own performance roster. But hey, if there are enough aspiring hip-hop artists in town to fill a club regularly, that's a scene in itself that deserves attention.

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