Arizona Canal at 40th Street just north of Camelback Road

We don't care what Jack Hanna says. Bats are just plain creepy and, dare we say, evil little critters. Still, we can't help but be drawn to the southern border of Paradise Valley along the Arizona Canal where, from late spring through November, Satan's Little Helpers gather at sunset and hover along the warm flood-control waters in search of mosquitoes and moths. Joggers and spectators alike have been known to gather at the overpass at 40th Street just north of Camelback Road to catch a glimpse of the flying mammals, which migrate annually from Mexico. But we suggest a real adrenaline rush: Start your evening run along the canal at 37th Street just behind Phoenix Country Day School (where, rumor has it, the bats nap during the day) with a raw, bloody steak in tow. Best. Workout. Ever.

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