Dobson and Warner roads, Chandler

Hundreds of Asians make their way to this part of town every weekend as if it were some sort of Vietnamese Mecca, and with good reason: Not only can you score a bowl of pho -- rice noodles in fragrant beef broth -- at the Vietnamese restaurant Yen Mi, but after your meal, you can walk next door to one of the state's biggest Asian supermarkets (Lee Lee's Oriental Supermarket) to buy the ingredients to make your own. If that isn't enough, there's a Vietnamese dentist, eye doctor, nail salon and hair stylist -- all on the same corner. To make the Southeast Asian beauty of the intersection complete, Lee's Sandwiches just opened this summer. The brand-spankin'-new bakery sells authentic Vietnamese sandwiches and coffee just like the ones you can get from cafes in Vietnamese-populated Santa Ana, California.

It may not be the streets of Saigon, but this intersection is pho-king great.


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