The Japanese have got tons of wacky snacks, and no place in town offers better evidence of this benign cultural stereotype than the west-side Japanese grocery store New Tokyo Food Market, which has the best selection we've seen in town. At New Tokyo, you'll find dried squid snacks like "Let's Party Squid," dried sea eel that looks like pork rinds, "WasabaBeef" potato chips that -- you guessed it -- combine the flavors of wasabi and beef, crackers flavored with sea urchin and shrimp, as well as myriad snacks made with seaweed and/or sesame. The sweet side of the equation includes green-tea-flavored candies, assorted rice cookies, sweet potato cookies, white kiku anuchi confections with red bean on the inside, and a dozen different kinds of Pocky, or cookie sticks, including choco-banana and lemon cheesecake. Wash it all down with a melon cream soda or a Pokka milk coffee, and then get the rest of your shopping done before you blow up like Shamu, dood.

Location Details

3435 W. Northern Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85051


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