The wonderful assortment of books and fun-but-educational toys in this gift shop is the most thoughtful part of the Arizona Museum for Youth. We particularly appreciated the cuddly staffers at the gift shop who, unlike the museum guards, were friendly and encouraged our kids to browse and touch toys. We understand the need to protect precious art, certainly, but why put precious art in a children's museum? There are few places in the world where kids don't have to hear, "Don't touch! Stay back! Keep your socks on!"

Okay, lecture over. The museum shop, which has its own entrance, had great bargain gifts, like a grab bag (who doesn't like a grab bag?) including funny sunglasses and a pencil for just $2, and craft projects with beads and clay that will let kids make their own art. Then open your own children's museum.

Location Details

35 N. Robson
Mesa AZ 85201


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