We don't generally rejoice when a big chain comes to town, but we can't help but get bubbly about the impending arrival of Lush, our favorite bath and beauty products shop. The Vancouver-based company is reportedly picky about where it pitches its tent, which is why we're so excited to hear that it's chosen Scottsdale Fashion Square as one of its next spots. Lush is so, well, luscious because all of the company's products are homemade and totally natural. Our current favorite is the Think Pink bath bomb, and just to give you a taste (or a whiff) of what Lush is all about, here is the description of Think Pink from the Lush Web site:

"Darlings, this is the ultimate in fuchsia pink baths. Four candy flowers top this marvel of utter pinkness and, as it fizzes furiously, it unleashes a shower of pink confetti into the bathwater. We're using our brand new favourite tonka bean essential oil because it smells so wickedly fabulous, darlings! It also helps you to get in touch with your deeper emotions. Do be careful whom you meet for lunch just after you bathe! We don't want to go eleasing our deeper emotions all over the starter and upsetting the other ladies, do we? (Or do we?)."
Until Lush formally arrives here, you can order its products -- or just read about them -- on its site, at That's also the place for the latest updates on the shop's Scottsdale arrival.


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