Emelmahae's Almond Shea Sugar Scrub

We could have called this award "Best Reason to Go to a Local Farmers' Market," because that's where you'll find a sweet young woman named Kari, selling her homemade soaps, bath teas and scrubs. We love the samples of soap she's pressed on us, and a friend says you can no longer drive a truck through her pores, since she's used Emelmahae's face masque. But our absolute favorite product -- the best beauty find of the year -- is the Almond Shea Sugar Scrub.

We did our homework, so we could explain to you that the scrub is made of almond meal and turbinado sugar that "delivers powerful moisture and aids with cell regeneration," according to the little company's Web site. But all you really need to know is that this sugar scrub feels great -- grainier than the stuff we bought at Origins -- and smells even better. Best of all, it cost only $14 for a 10-ounce jar of the stuff. It should have lasted us at least six months, but we keep having to go back to buy more; we can't stop slathering it on.


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