Roy Wasson Valle

The whimsical creatures Roy Wasson Valle silk-screens onto primary-colored tee shirts seem vaguely disturbing -- one looks like a Cheshire cat on crack, another appears to be a bear that resembles the demonic rabbit from Donnie Darko -- but they're strangely endearing, too. Wear one around, and you're sure to gather compliments all day long. Expect people to ask you where you got it. And expect to give vague answers, too, since Wasson Valle hasn't yet leaped from local artist to streetwear mogul. So far, we've only seen these shirts for sale at 515 gallery on Roosevelt Street (when Wasson Valle had an opening there several months ago), and, more recently, at MADE, the boutique just down the street. Get 'em while you can, if you can.


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