Chaparral Park

Scottsdale, with its high-end boutiques and resort hotels, isn't exactly known for accommodating pets at least, not if your pet's too big to fit in your purse. But there's one place in town where dogs can get a sweet taste of freedom. The 71-acre Chaparral Park, which is currently being expanded, has the largest off-leash run in the city. There are separate areas for active and passive dogs, the latter being grassier and more open so dogs can run or play Frisbee with their owners. The passive run is more of a socialization area, with dogs sniffing other dogs and lounging lazily in the sun while humans perch in plastic lawn chairs chatting about Fluffy's diet or weighing the pros and cons of shock collars. We're looking forward to the expansion, which will increase the size of the fenced bark park to four acres plenty of room for our four-legged pals to really break out and burn off some of those table-scrap calories.

Location Details

5401 N. Hayden Rd.
Scottsdale AZ 85250


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