We don't blame Chris Bianco for closing his pizza shop at lunch, as long as he keeps Pane Bianco open. This super-cute, straight-out-of-Brooklyn (as long as you're picturing Park Slope) sandwich shop elevates the term "sandwich" to levels heretofore unimagined. We prefer the simple mozzarella, tomato and basil on ciabatta, although we have friends who swear by the tuna. And if you prefer to skip the carbs, try the tuna salad. Or blow the diet entirely and try the pizza. Part of the charm of Pane Bianco is the seating: It's only outdoors, so you'll be having a picnic at big, gorgeous hand-carved tables. Or sneak into Lux Coffeebar next door. If you buy a coffee drink, no one will mind if you pull out your sandwich although someone might ask for a bite.

Location Details

4404 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85012


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