Sean Badger, better known as Senbad on sweat-stained Scottsdale dance floors, has been a "house music soldier" for more than 10 years now. The 36-year-old considers his occupation to be "record pusher," and to him, the best dope is house music. He's a loyalist who's spun pure house at every club from Next and e4 to Majerle's and SIX. Until recently, Senbad and his partner Pete "SuperMix" Salaz could say they hosted the only house music night in town, Batucada. After enjoying a long weekly run at Next, Batucada went on break for a while. Though there may be other house music nights in the Valley now, only one of them has Senbad, and that's the recently relaunched Batucada, now bumpin' every Saturday night at The Biz.


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