Fox and the City

Ragan Fox is the poster boy for gay overachievers. He published a book, became a university instructor and got his doctorate all by the time he hit 30, which probably explains why his podcast is so damn brilliant. Technically, he's Dr. Fox now, but his fans just call him Rag pronounced rayg as in "ray of friggin' sunshine," not rag like "on the rag." Sure, he anal-yzes Brokeback Mountain and sings lesbian karaoke, but parts of Fox's show would appeal to conservative, redneck high school dropouts. Brangelina's love child? Hell spawn. Jessica Simpson? Just Anna Nicole Smith with a career. Terrorism? "Who releases a threat on an audio tape these days?" Fox quipped after a voice recording of Osama bin Laden aired. "You might as well release the shit on an eight-track." If Osama really wanted to get some Web hits, says Fox, he'd release a sex tape like Pam Anderson or Britney. Wow. That's why we love you, Rag!


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