Wrigley Mansion

We've all had to attend stuffy banquets at country clubs, at the Heard Museum (where the Arizona Press Club has recently held its awards ceremony), or at some other hoity-toity spot in the PHX, only to wish we could get down to some real partying before the night is through. Well, the Wrigley Mansion is the perfect place for this. The Wrigley will be only too happy to reserve some space for you and yours to loosen your tie/let your hair down in its spacious digs, originally built by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. for his wife, Ada. Or you can just drop in, and it'll probably be open (on that note, though, it pays to call ahead if the hour gets late, because the bar's been known to close if customers are lacking). Thing is, there's a lot to love about the sprawling Wrigley, owned by jazz aficionado and meatpacking heir Geordie Hormel, until his death earlier this year (thus the name of the mansion's restaurant, Geordie's). From the large bar, where jazz combos play, to the manor-house-like rooms, complete with plush couches and cushy chairs (the large room off the bar contains the mansion's famous player piano), to the balconies overlooking the Phoenix skyline, the Wrigley Mansion is a nocturnal knockout. Speaking of the balconies, they're the perfect place for romance, plus other pleasures of the flesh, because nobody's going to bother you up there.

Location Details

2501 E. Telawa Trail
Phoenix AZ 85016


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