Angela Ellsworth and Tania Katan

Angela is an "interdisciplinary artist" represented by one of the most prestigious venues in town, Bentley Gallery in Scottsdale. Tania is a writer and playwright with an acclaimed memoir, My One Night Stand With Cancer. You might have seen her at a local 10K running topless, fighting breast cancer. Sadly, the couple left town for L.A. several years ago, but lucky for us, they're back, making art, writing and teaching, spreading the wealth of their knowledge and spirit Angela as an assistant professor at Arizona State, and Tania through the Virginia G. Piper Center. One of their close friends put it best: "Angela is Tania's best reader and cheerleader; she's not afraid to say she doesn't like something Tania wrote if she doesn't think it's Tania's best work, and she's also at every performance and 10K/marathon Tania does." And Tania reminds Angela not to settle for less in her life: 'Honey, if you only look for a house in the ghetto, we'll only get a house in the ghetto.'"


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