Mr. Tile

If urban life has taught us anything, it's that no savvy entrepreneur tears down a perfectly good sign. Remove that mammoth mid-century marquee from your frontage, and big government comes a-knockin' with updated display guidelines. Besides, have you seen what new signs cost? So we enjoy the doughnuts of Vinchell's and Wishill's, and we play "spot the former wig store" on East Thomas Road. Not everyone's as stylish as My Florist. Mr. Tile is in a class by itself. Some frugal person with a steady hand has painted "Mr. Tile" on the front of the store (four times), on the wall facing Grand Avenue (three times), on the sign atop the tall post outside (twice on each side), and on the small sign at the parking lot entrance (another three-fer). Then there's the sign by the sidewalk, which features, along with the ubiquitous red "Mr. Tile," a five-foot-high truck tire embedded in concrete. Must make you feel like Hamlet's uncle.


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