MC Merv

Supporters of the downtown arts district, meet your true enemy: MC Merv. According to the word on the street, this white yuppie rapper who was raised on the "mean streets" of Anthem is the dastardly developer who single-handedly shut down the Emerald Lounge, razed the old Planet Earth Theatre, and is the driving force behind the ongoing gentrification of your favorite First Friday hangouts. Well, according to him, at least. What's closer to reality is that Merv's an anonymous art scenester who moonlights as a ridiculous rapper dressed in a shabby gray wool suit, a ball cap, and kneepads. Performing impromptu shows at the Willow House and the Trunk Space, the MC spits out rhymes about his pseudo-plans for downtown for the amusement of his fan base (whom he calls "Merverts"). "The name's Merv/Got a lot of nerve/Turn the city into condos/Kick the people to the curb," he sings. "You might be saying, 'What the fuck?'/But you know what?/I just bought Trunk Space, Bikini and the whole dang block!" Word up, white boy.


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