Janet's Estate Sales

The first thing you need to know about Janet's is that there is no Janet. The company namesake was bought out a few years back by a couple of characters named Ms. Sieni and Mr. Bill, and the duo kept the handle because of its recognition value among local estate-sale mavens. The second thing you need to know about Janet's is that it's the hardest-working outfit in the Valley, bar none, hosting (re)sales approximately 45 weeks out of the year. And third, we highly recommend Janet's because it serves the urban core. Sure, there are numerous excellent crews operating out of Sun City the estate-sale Valhalla but who wants to drive that gas-guzzling beater to hell and back when you can search for that perfect vintage wig (or Sunbeam Mixmaster, or Royal Worcester finebone-china set) right in your own backyard?


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