Missy Keast

You may have seen Missy Keast doing her signing story time on the first Thursday morning of the month at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, but did you know she's now got her own series of signing videos for kids? Signing is all the rage right now don't worry, studies have shown your baby will still talk, but she will be able to better communicate with you earlier, through sign. And there's no better way for you and your baby to learn sign with apologies to the singsongy folks who bring us the nationally syndicated "Signing Time!" than with the "Signs for Intelligence" series. As the name implies, it's a smarter choice. Keast, who has two young children of her own, carefully leads the viewer through a series of signs ranging from the alphabet to simple vocabulary words. And she's got way better hair than that "Signing Time!" woman.


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