Vintage Solutions

We know someone who's taken to inviting people she only barely likes to visit her at home, just so she can show off the swank boomerang table she bought at Vintage Solutions, a shop we can barely stand to stay out of ourselves. We have yet to figure out whether the owners of the store formerly known as The Garden Party have the same eclectic taste in furnishings as we do, or if our taste was completely formed by shopping in this cool collection of early- and mid-century furniture and accessories. The Nylon Frizee-covered barrel chair ($60) we bought there this past summer looks great alongside the fringed lampshades ($6 apiece!) and the hand-painted '50s occasional table ($22). And don't get us started on the gorgeous set of like-new 1950s ceramic dishware we bought here service for 40, plus serving pieces, for only $150! No matter how often we go, Vintage Solutions always solves our decorating needs as well as our need to shop for cool stuff.


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