Coffee Talk

It's no coincidence that this neighborhood java spot shares a name with the faux talk show created by Mike Myers for Saturday Night Live. It's exactly the kind of place his character, Linda Richmond, would find appealing a charming, two-story historic bungalow, complete with winding ivy and two large gardens with wrought-iron patio furniture. New owners Betty Freeman and daughter Carrie Hensley have cleaned house, literally, removing the rows of dusty antiques but leaving well-worn floral couches and mismatched plaid chairs. The original walls were also left intact, providing dozens of nooks and crannies perfect for private conversation, which is why we love this place. It's cozy and quiet. There's no rush to order, and the pleasant staff won't complain if you take three hours to sip a cup of tea and talk. So turn off the cell phone, leave the laptop in the car and catch up with an old friend over a latte.

Location Details

48 N. Robson
Mesa AZ 85201


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