Copper Star Coffee

Okay, okay, so Copper Star Coffee is barely a toe's length over the western edge of the city, into the avenues. But we have to tip our latte to this adorable coffee house, the best we've found in the West Valley and tops on any Phoenix list, no matter how you map it. This onetime gas station has a drive-through, but you'll want to step inside to appreciate the concrete and cinder-block comfort (really, it's comfortable, try it out) of Copper Star. The bagels were fresh and the staffers were happy to toast them, not the case at inferior coffee houses where the customer is left to her own devices with an old toaster. The lighting was nice, the vibe was good; they let us hang some fliers on a big bulletin board strategically located near the restrooms. We'll definitely be back.

Location Details

4220 N. 7th Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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