WildHorse Ranch Rescue and Kitty City

Looking to take a pretty little filly back to the farm? Then gallop down to Gilbert's safe haven for neglected horses and feral cats. Founded in 1995 by animal activist Kimberly Meagher, whose board of directors includes ex-Monkees dreamboat Davy Jones, the ranch works year-round to prevent horse slaughter by saving hundreds of animals from neglect and premature death. If you don't have the space for a horse, but still want to help a frisky four-legged creature, consider making a donation to sponsor the ranch's Kitty City colony, where spayed and neutered feral cats live out their lives in safety. (Occasionally, a Kitty Citizen becomes rehabilitated enough to go home with a loving family.) Purchase horse- and feline-themed art at the Mudpony Art Gallerie, where 20 percent of the gallery's proceeds are donated to help the ranch. Horse sponsorship and the "bale a horse out" feeding program are also available to animal-loving urbanites.


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