Crismon's Baby Boutique

There are three categories that baby gifts fall into: essential, practical, and just plain cute. Crismon's Baby Boutique has it all. For new mothers, there are comfy gliders to rock you and your infant to sleep. Grandparents-to-be will want to check out the store's huge furniture inventory, from shaker-style pine changing tables to a black mission crib with smart green plaid linens. Mom will love the practicality of baby furniture as a gift, and the new Nana and Pop can subtly influence the room's decor. For the bundle of joy, there are pastel layettes, a nice selection of onesies for comfort, and christening outfits that haven't changed in more than a century. Yup, those long white wedding dresses or knickers and frilly button-up tops are still chic for baby's first big day. We think the best gift at Crismon's is the toddler-size rocker. As soon as baby's old enough to hold her head up or crawl, she'll love the custom-painted, cute-as-a-button chair personalized with her picture.


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