Other Mothers

Okay, admit it you love to get a slamming deal on your kid's clothes just as much as you love them looking cute, but you don't have the time to scour through piles of semi-gross used clothes at the Goodwill or hit the garage sale scene every Saturday at 6 a.m. Never fear: Other Mothers is one of the largest spots in the Valley to sleuth out the chichi-est of kiddy clothes for the least amount of scratch. The real perk is the trade-in you know you have bags of old clothes you'll never use again and Other Mothers pays better than most stores we checked out, giving you credit to burn. Go for the "get 10 outfits for 10 bucks" challenge (we made that up, but we tried it with success!) or buy a killer stroller for $30. Prices are generally 50 to 80 percent less than their retail price. With a rotating selection, and new product in almost daily, it pays to check in early and often to score those killer Guess Kids pants for $3. Other Mothers also resells a wide selection of women's clothing, baby furniture, and toys at prices equally dirt cheap everything but men's clothes. Don't worry; tell your man to stay home and put away the money you'll save for that 60-inch HDTV he's been dreaming of. Score!


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