Sophie doesn't like to get her bangs cut, and don't even talk to Annabelle about her tangles. Sometimes, a parent is the worst person for the job when it comes to kid grooming. That's why we head to Snip-its when Sophie can't see, or Annabelle's locks are approaching the dread stage. Okay, so really, if we were nice, we'd comb our kids' hair out first, but we leave the nice part to the Snip-its stylists, who ply our kids with candy and specially created Snip-it kid videos (sounds creepy, but trust us, once you see your kid go into that TV daze, you'll be begging for a punch card at the front desk). Speaking of the front desk, when you check out, your kid gets to put a card in a special machine and claim a prize. The prize is free, unlike the irresistible hair accessories and other small toys, but the price you'll pay is worth it for a well-groomed, happy kid. Now, if someone would just open a salon where you could get your newborn's nails clipped.


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