Mystic Paper at The Peddler's Wife

Scrapbooking has practically eclipsed baseball as the national pastime. There are scrapbooking clubs, scrapbooking newsletters, even sold-out scrapbooking conventions. When's the last time you saw a full house at a Diamondbacks game? Mystic Paper may not be the largest scrapbooking store in the area, but it's always well-stocked, and with the antique store in front, you can pick up a couple of old tintype photos or antique advertisements to lend authenticity to your keepsake. There's a huge assortment of printed papers and vellum, punches, die-cutouts and cute little knobs shaped like door handles. The reason we love this shop so much is that the staff's friendly craft ideas are (mostly) idiot-proof. So, guys, next time you're looking to impress your wife or girlfriend, grab a fistful of photos and get some supplies from The Peddler's Wife. Chocolates melt, flowers die, but a handmade scrapbook is forever.


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