Red Door Gallery

The vintage boutique in the back of Red Door is like three dozen estate sales on LSD, and we're drawn like magpies to the shiny, colorful objects on display. Artist Indigo Verton collects and prices the merchandise (mostly women's clothing and accessories) with a canny eye. If you want a little something for five or six bucks, it's here, but if you crave the pale blue Hello Kitty flight bag, it'll cost you. Last year, we admired gloriously hideous housewares from the mid-20th century, but those items seem to have moved over to .anti_space with designer Lisa Jacobs. There's still style aplenty at Red Door, though, and the selection of elaborate old hats, hostess aprons, and Sally Bowles-esque lingerie is a special treat. Devious Wigs and Things rounds out the offerings with fake hair and lashes in rainbow hues. The boutique's not open every day, but you can call Verton to check on the hours.


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