This Little Piggy Wears Cotton

We want the kids to look cute, but all those buttons and bows and tulle and don't even get us started on the challenges of Juicy Couture can get in the way of play. That's why we love the "piggy brand" at This Little Piggy Wears Cotton. Indeed, our little piggies wear it whenever we can get our hands on it (hint: this place has great sales), and our favorites include the piggy logo, splashed all over a cotton dress or tee (they've even expanded to adult boxers and PJs). This season we are also coveting the bright blue apple print and the yellow with roses. There's even a toile specially designed to celebrate Santa Barbara, This Little Piggy's original home turf. We'd love to see a Biltmore toile. 'Til then, we're happy to dress the little ones in the rooster print.


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