Oh, so you're finally gonna dust off that nice bottle of wine you've been hoarding for so long? It's about time. And, boy, do we know just the place for you to drink it: Coup des Tartes, a wonderful but almost too well-hidden bistro located just south of Highland, in a quaint, historic house.

With wood floors, coved ceilings, and candles everywhere, the atmosphere is special-occasion cozy, completely worthy of that fine vintage you're ready to sip. The menu's outstanding, too, with dishes that change with the seasons to showcase natural meats, wild fish, and lots of local, organic produce. There are a few old favorites you always count on, like spicy, Moroccan-style lamb shank, juicy filet mignon, and luxuriously creamy risotto, dressed up with whatever's fresh. And no matter what entrée they come with, the Yukon mashed potatoes here are incredible — so buttery you'll want to lick the plate.

Come dessert time, there are usually about a half-dozen freshly baked tarts to choose from. Your bottle will probably be kicked by then, but in case you need consolation, the sweet banana brûlée will definitely do the trick.

Location Details

1725 E. Osborn Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85016


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