Who cares if Phoenix doesn't have a real Chinatown? Even though we might have to drive a little further to find it, we still have killer Hong Kong-style food at Super Dragon, an institution whose reputation goes well beyond its north Phoenix address.

Unlike the typical Chinatown dive, the atmosphere here is soothing and immaculately clean, but the flavors are just as authentic (minus the MSG) — heaps of pan-fried chow fun noodles with a vaguely smoky fragrance, rich Cantonese roasted duck, and sizzling rice crust soup. And Super Dragon's specialty dish, House's Chicken, is to die for: a platter of crisp, golden fried chicken slathered in chile and scallion-flecked garlic sauce. Sure, they have safe bets like moo goo gai pan, too, but go for the unusual offerings, like cold jellyfish. After all, you probably won't find this stuff at your neighborhood Chinese place.

Location Details

1212 E. Northern Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85020


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