Looking for a place to hang with your girlfriends besides the local bar? The sweetest deal in town for gettin' your drink on and making your fingertips look fabulous happens every Monday, at Furio's Martinis and Manicures night. It's only ten bucks for a cocktail and a fresh coat of polish. But let's face it — you'll probably want more than one drink, and hunger's bound to strike, too. Good thing Furio's executive chef, Jagger Griffin, has you covered. Happy hour specials include bargain-priced booze and tasty, wallet-friendly eats, such as grilled focaccia with dipping sauces, and a marinated flank steak sammy with brie and pesto. Or, if a leisurely dinner suits you more, settle into the swanky dining room and fill up on Italian-inspired dishes such as basil fettuccine with shrimp, pine nuts, and sun-dried tomatoes, or black truffle gnocchi with butter-poached lobster. Take a look at the wine list as well — but make sure you can wean your friends off those martinis first.


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