Mandala Tearoom

We practically floated out of the Mandala Tearoom, and it wasn't just because we were so buoyant, after sampling the black pomegranate iced and hot orange detox tea. The bare-bones, relaxed vibe of this self-described "urban tearoom" seeped into our karma, making us feel like we'd just been in tree pose for a week. We do have to admit that we opened the menu warily, expecting a list of nuts and seeds. And while Mandala does offer a list of raw foods (we're sure they're quite tasty, although we weren't brave enough to sample them) we stuck with the organic, cooked stuff. (Still all vegetarian, much of it vegan.) We loved the Mandala Macro Platter, a complete meal with adzuki beans, brown rice, and sautéed veggies. And the sauce on the curry vermicelli rice noodle bowl was downright decadent.

Maybe it was because we'd cleared our head and our palate, but we've got to tell you, this is the best tea we've ever tasted. Full-bodied, but not too strong, we drank cup after cup and wondered how this place gets by with just one loo.


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