If you think Italian delis are defined by meatball subs and tortellini salad, boy, are you in for culture shock. A far cry from the old-school neighborhood deli standard, Andreoli's is way more Old Country, making it a rare find. Nowadays, how many delis are hangouts for honest-to-goodness Italians? Here, they're all around you, feasting on authentic dishes like grilled, marinated calamari, roasted peppers with garlic and anchovy sauce, bresaola with arugula and shaved Parmigiano, or perfect panini filled with prosciutto or homemade sausage. If you want a taste of la dolce vita, just follow their lead. Grab a San Pellegrino Limonada — or a glass of Chianti — and settle in for a leisurely lunch with friends. Then, instead of rushing home or back to work, finish off with a fresh pastry and a cappuccino. Take your time, and don't bother looking at your watch. When the food's this good, is there anywhere else you'd rather be?

Location Details

8880 E. Via Linda
Scottsdale AZ 85258


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