Sushi Ken

We first found out about this recent addition to the Ahwatukee dining scene from several friends who raved about it — and all of them are Japanese. Kinda says something about a place, doesn't it? Of course, you don't need to be a Nippon native to figure out what a find Sushi Ken is. We love the casual, unpretentious atmosphere, the glossy, photo-filled menu (which makes us drool every time), and the easy-on-the-wallet prices. (Dinner combos for under ten bucks? Hai!) So far, we haven't tried a single thing we haven't liked here, and although we stop by every chance we get, we still haven't even come close to exhausting our options. Dream it up, and Sushi Ken has it covered: soba and udon noodle soups, broiled marinated cod, korokke, yudofu, chicken katsu, and sushi galore. They have nearly two dozen kinds of sake on hand, and they even serve honest-to-goodness, hard-to-find Japanese desserts like mitsumame and anmitsu. Forget about light rail; if we had our way, we'd head to Sushi Ken by high-speed bullet train.

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Location Details

4206 E. Chandler Blvd.
Ahwatukee AZ 85048


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