Whether you're 6 or 60, young lady, there's nothing better than a tea party. And that's why we are so in love with the English Rose. Their "Nursery Tea" is just right for our little one — complete with a three-tiered tray, bearing beautiful PB&J and cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit, and cookies. Even lemonade in the china teapot, if that's what precious prefers. The regular tea fit us perfectly, too, including chicken and walnut salad and cucumber sandwiches, with petit fours for dessert, if you still have room. Best of all, although this little English outpost in the desert is tiny, and positively packed with breakable trinkets, the staff will welcome your whirling dervish with open arms and a big box of dress-up clothes. Let us correct our previous statement: There's nothing better than a tea party when you're wearing a bright orange flower-trimmed straw hat, wrapped in a hot pink boa.

Location Details

201 Easy St.
Carefree AZ 85377


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