Sabuddy Israeli Restaurant

Who goes out for potato salad these days? Isn't that picnic food, something you can make at home? Well, yeah — except when it's Sabuddy's awesome Russian potato salad, a far cry from the mild-mannered stuff you'll find at the grocery store deli or in mom's fridge. Here, it's chunky, chock full of ingredients, and deliciously zingy, combining tender potatoes, chopped hard-boiled eggs, sweet peas, cubed carrots, and tangy Israeli pickles. The delicious jumble of vegetables is tossed in creamy mayonnaise and brightened with just enough lemon juice to make it downright refreshing. It tastes good with everything else on the menu, from juicy grilled shishlik to hot, crisp falafel. We'd normally eat just a few bites of regular potato salad, but we can't get enough of Sabuddy's stand-out version.


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