She's been a guest on downtown's one and only talk show, Grand Avenue Live!, as well as the Uncle Sku's Clubhouse performance art show. We once spotted her occupying a booth along with the other boozehounds at one of downtown's best dives, the defunct Pete's News Room. She was the only non-human allowed to use the bathroom at Thought Crime, privileges that have carried over to The Firehouse collective. And local band Nightwolf wrote and performed a song just for the Australian shepherd/greyhound/coyote bitch.

Her name is Starflash, and she can be spotted whenever photorealist painter and illustrator Suzanne Falk ventures from her east Phoenix work/live studio to various downtown shindigs. From First Friday receptions and Modified Arts shows to the First Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts and the Willow House outdoor patio, Starflash solicits mad love from the close-knit arts community. Nightwolf best summed up our feelings about the lovable Flash in their dedication ode to the black-coated pooch, "Starflash/You're a dog/And we love you!"


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