Cherry Bombin* Angry Girl

There's a chance your artistic tastes might not be ready for the huge collaborative mural that adorns the outside wall of Jesika Jordan's gallery and record store at the .anti_space building in downtown Phoenix. If so, we can't really blame you, as a Pepto-pink backdrop filled with chrome-like graffiti script and shiny mech-style robots laying waste to skyscrapers isn't for everyone.
The good news is, the madcap mural will be painted over in a month or two. It'll likely be replaced by a similarly surreal graf art scene, as Jordan and a collection of her spray paint-wielding cohorts — including Ekose, Zokes, Weo, and Joerael Elliot — whip up a new wall painting every couple months, as part of a cooperative art project. "There are only a few legal walls in downtown, because people tend to look down on graffiti as a legitimate art form," Jordan says. "One of the owners of the business next door almost called the cops on us because she thought we were tagging illegally." Guess she didn't dig the mural, either.


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