Okay. So you've just moved to Phoenix, and you want to know where the action is. Or you've just moved back here after a decade away, and you're in search of a cool coffee house and an authentic taco stand in your part of town. You know the sweet life is out there, somewhere — but where? Look no further than, which claims to be a directory to bars and restaurants in the cenpho (that's Central Phoenix, natch, defined by the cenpho folks as "the area from Glendale Road to Broadway Road, and 20th Street to 20th Avenue"), but actually one we've come to rely on for all things hip and happening. We found links to our fave new pita place; a list of cool neighborhoods where we should be living; and even a directory of well-regarded local dentists. also turned us on to some better modern architecture blogs and filled us in on locally published magazines and newspapers and what we can expect to find in them. We found the site's list of bars where smokers are still welcome to be indispensable, and so now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go light up and order a mojito at our favorite new nightclub. Thanks, Cenpho!


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