KBAQ 89.5 FM

A National Public Radio member station, KBAQ offers something for the classical connoisseur and the interested explorer alike. Fringe fans have a place to hear selections from popular composers like Mozart, Wagner, and Chopin, and symphony junkies can hear works by newer or lesser-known composers like Amy Beach, Manuel De Falla, and Hugo Alfven. Whether you want to hear some Berlioz, Brahms, and Saint-Saëns to mellow out your Monday afternoon, or romance your Friday night date with Beethoven's "Music for a Knightly Ballet" and etudes by Andres Segovia, KBAQ's got you covered. Sunday-morning fare often includes Handel's "Messiah," but the mood smoothes out with stuff like Bach violin concertos and Sibelius' "Historic Scenes" by hangover-nursing time.
And nothing beats KBAQ for broadcasts of local classical music performances. The station airs "ASU in Concert" on Thursday nights, the Phoenix Symphony on Monday nights, and the Arizona Opera on Saturday nights in the fall.


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